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How can I tell if my controller is working on a continual basis?


LawnCheck provides information about whether your controller is operating and whether commands are being received by the controller or not. 

LawnCheck maintains a log file that provides time-stamped irrigation command delivery information.  This log is available from the Reports Tab.

In addition, two monitors run nightly:  Cycle Delivery Monitor and Controller Check-in Monitor. 

The Cycle Delivery Monitor delivers an email alert to the account holder whenever an irrigation cycle is not delivered per schedule within the most recent 24 hour period.   (Cycle skips are possible for reasons of power failure, network outage, or controller problem.)

The Check-in Monitor delivers an email alert to the account holder if a controller has not checked-in within the past 24 hours.  It issues another email if the controller has not checked in within 48 hours.    The Check-in Monitor is useful for alerting for more permanent conditions, such as power outage, or connection problems like a network wire left disconnected

LawnCheck can only provide information relating to commands delivered and received and controller operation.  LawnCheck cannot provide information about whether your landscape is actually receiving irrigation.  You are responsible for ensuring that your irrigation system is functional and delivering water (ie, valves turned on, wires attached properly).


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