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Title: Increasing your Service Value with LawnCheck Part 1
Post by: Jim on February 27, 2009, 03:14:03 pm
As a Landscape Pro you are most likely always looking for ways to increase the value you provide to your customers.   The use of LawnCheck as an irrigation controller allows you to provide extra services to your customer base.

If your customer is using LawnCheck scheduling and control, you can easily share access to the irrigation schedule through any browser, including a smartphone browser.  This lets you offer services that might otherwise be too expensive or uneconomical for you to offer.

For example with LawnCheck and a smartphone, you can offer a periodic low cost irrigation system check-up service where for a low service fee you can inspect system operation quickly by using the provided testing functions, without having to intrude into your customers house or garage.   Depending on your contract with your cusotmer you can make needed repairs or you can notify the customer of needed repairs on a timely basis, without them having to call you.   Many customers will appreciate this extra attention.

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